Joseph Jomo Pierre, is both a playwright and an actor. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, the West Indian transplant grew up in Toronto (Scarborough) Canada. his connection to both locales is an integral part of who he is and where he writes from.

A self proclaimed "Child of Hip-Hop" ,  the York University BFA graduate is quick to point out the important role Hip-Hop culture has played in his development as an artist. It is the energy with which he attacks each piece. A bold and fearless approach that resonates with Boom Bap. His creative process is at times the word slinging M.C and at other times the textured and layered work of the D.J.

An important aspect to his work is his desire to represent the unrepresented on stage. His characters are the everyday folk on the street. Black faces on stage that the youth can relate to. Depicting their struggle for him is a way of validating their existence. It is with love, compassion and a sense of hope that he starts each project, even the most challenging ones.

He has been a playwright in residence at Obsidian Theatre, Factory Theatre, Theatre Passe Maurielle the playwrighting group at Tarragon Theatre and the inaugural collective for Canstage's Festival of ideas and creation.

Joseph also served as consulting director for Allan King's finale documentary Empz 4 Life which was in part inspired by his play Born Ready.

Shakespeare's Nigga was a finalist for the 2013 Governor Generals Literary Award for Drama. 


Shakespeare's Nigga is published by Playwrights Canada Press
BeatDown: Three plays by Joseph Jomo Pierre is published by playwrights canada press.