BEATDOWN is the catalyst for all the works that follow. Without BeatDown there would be no Born Ready. It is my expression of Hip-Hop on the page; social commentary, b-boy posturing in every word. Many of the important themes i wrestle with as a playwright are deeply grounded in BeatDown. It is a world with characters that are who they are without apologies.



JAYQUESE: ( he is completely overcome with emotion)(pause)

You been watching me in this motherfucker? How long? How long you been watching me? How it seem to you from there, you think I’m liking this? Talk to me, I wanna hear your voice. My whole life I wanted to hear your voice. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t see you, I wanted to hear your voice. (pause) I use’ta think my daddy was a handsome nigga. Can’t nobody put nothing on him. Can’t nobody- …I been looking in the mirror, my jaw line coming in like yours. Just like yours. Got them black eyes you got. A bitch told me it was sexy once. She said I got sexy eyes, you believe that. They ain’t even got a color they just black….said she could see my soul. What you think about that man? The jaw line and all that shit, ain’t it a mother fucker? (beat) Why you ain’t neva reach down and pick me up? Why you ain’t neva pick me up?