Joseph Jomo Pierre’s look at a man trying to embody the societal image of the urban black guy is full of powerful writing, striking images and thoughtful ideas, posing questions rather than providing answers. The production is just as strong as the script, with Pierre giving an electric performance as the conflicted central figure. -Jon Kaplan NNNN text here

Jomo Pierre is astounding in the central role as a conflicted gangsta, a man who needs to keep a dictionary in his back pocket to stay up-to-date on the latest hip-hop slang.
 PAUL ISAACS -Eye Magazine

BLACK MAN: The black man is always sucking society’s dick. Suckin, suckin like some blasted ho. And all that suckin ain’t getting us no where. Hell we want pleasure too, but all society does is fondle a few balls here. Fondle a few balls there. They think they can keep us in check with the occasional scrotum flip. Fuck that! I’ve had my balls fondled enough. I want my dick sucked! Let him be the ho.

WHITE MAN: Look man this ain’t you, this ain’t what you about. You’re not a killa.

BLACK MAN: What do you mean?

WHITE MAN: Killas have nothing to live for. You, you probably got a wife, kids. You got shit to lose. Look man, slide me some g’s and I’ll take care of it.

BLACK MAN: NO! It’s not like that. I’ve caught cases before, this shit is me.

WHITE MAN: A jay walking citation is not a case. Public intoxication is not a case. Fucking white women is “no” longer a case.

BLACK MAN: Fuck you!! I said it, if you wanna shoot me shoot me, but I’m not taking this bullshit. I never fucked her.

WHITE MAN: Breathe easy. I will not tolerate dissention (pulls out gun and points it at Blackman) Dance. I said dance (Blackman dances) What is that shit, that ain’t dancing. Let’s see a proper jig. Good, I didn’t want to have to do it.